Chapter 1: The Hogwarts Express and Scorpius Malfoy


The Forgotten Memory 

Chapter 1: The Hogwarts Express and Scorpius Malfoy

“Why are they all staring?”

“It’s me, I’m extremely famous.”

Albus Potter couldn’t help feeling this wasn’t the truth. If Uncle Ron was extremely famous, he’d have wasted no time bragging about it a long time ago. But it still didn’t explain why everyone was staring.

James and their cousin Fred stood beside Albus and Rose for a bit. James offered to help them find an empty compartment, but Albus declined, not wishing for more argument. Louis, another cousin of theirs stood beside James, having come to say hi.

James was a small skinny boy with glasses, placed over his brown eyes, and jet black messy hair above. He had a mischievous grin fixed on his face, making one feel rather nervous if he was within eyesight.

Fred was tall with orange red hair. He was as old as James was. Same year, same house, and they were usually seen together on weekends. On weekdays, they’d go their separate ways, and rival each other on pulling pranks. It was a fierce rivalry too. Fred had his circle of friends, and James had his.

Louis had orange blonde hair. Being part veela, he stood quite handsomely, and was the object of ogling from girls. White blonde hair with red on the sides, his face was almost perfect. A dark side of his was that he too liked to pull pranks, and he was James’ best friend.

Albus was the quiet one, quite thoughtful, and already knew enough spells to get through the first week, mainly because of his cousin Rose. He had a skinny face, green eyes, but no glasses unlike his brother and his father. James’ look was making Albus feel nervous lately, because James was bugging him not too long ago. Because of James, Albus seriously thought he would end up in Slytherin.

From what James had said, Albus really did belong in Slytherin. He possessed all the traits necessary, and lacked one for Gryffindors. He stated that at home, before they left. According to James, Albus was definitely determined enough, and his knowledge of spells before the first week demonstrated his desire for power. The fact that one of them was the Knock-back Jinx didn’t help Albus either. Albus was also clever enough. Not in a Ravenclaw sort of way, but in a cunning way. He weighed all outcomes thoughtfully before acting, and that was pure Slytherin. A true Gryffindor, James said, would be brave enough to stand up to anything no matter what the outcome.

This terrified Albus.

“HEY AL!” a yell broke his daydream.

Albus was shaken out of his thoughts, and he blinked. “What, what is it?”

“I’ve been trying to get your attention for five minutes,” Rose said, a smile on her face. “Do you plan on finding a compartment, or do you wish to stand the whole way there?”

Rose had long red hair, and a freckly face. She looked very pretty, almost like her aunt did when she was young. Albus looked around, blinking. James and Fred had left. “What do you think?” Rose asked as they walked the hall, checking on every side for an empty compartment. “Find a compartment?” Rose sighed, and said resignedly, “Look, the hall is empty, everyone is obviously in compartments, and this one has only one boy in it.” She pointed to a compartment to their left.

“So did a couple others,” Albus said, checking in. The boy was strikingly familiar. Albus recognized him as the boy with that Malfoy man his aunt and uncle were talking about. “What makes this one special? He might try something… dodgy.”

“He can’t try anything, Al, it’s two against one, and we’re first years,” Rose argued. “Besides, where else do we sit?”

“We should just be careful,” Albus suggested. “Let’s sit with James this year; until we know everyone else a bit better.”

“You wanted to avoid James,” Rose said, astounded. “Now you want to throw yourself at his mercy again?”

“Well, dad didn’t seem to trust him or his dad, so”-

“Al, really, mum was right,” Rose said pointedly. “We shouldn’t be against each other before we’ve even met. Let’s give him a chance. It’s actually a perfect time to make a friend.”

It wasn’t like the two argued often. Usually, they got along very well. Sometimes, they exploded into playful argument that would blow off by the next hour. This showed in the next lines they threw at each other.

“Let’s wait a bit, until we’ve seen how everyone acts, and then”-

“Well, that’s very social,” Rose said sarcastically.

“And you are, bookworm?” Albus laughed.

Rose went red, and nodded, saying, “Fair point. But where else but this com”-

“Are you guys gonna come in, or do you want to stay out, bickering?” a drawling impatient voice interrupted.

Albus and Rose stopped arguing to look. The compartment had opened, and the boy made a full appearance. His blonde hair was parted, even though it hardly suited him. He had an upturned face, but one could sense underneath was a softer interior than what he let people see.

Albus and Rose shrugged, and followed him inside. The boy shut the door, and took a seat. He looked tired, and was stroking a black cat. He scratched its neck as it raised its head, and Albus widened his eyes at it. Of an owl, cat or toad, he chose a cat? The cat was all black with a pointed face. In the black face was sunken yellow eyes, making it look ominous. The only lighter traces were of grey stripes on its head.

The boy’s eyes were half closed, and he yawned. He looked over at Albus and Rose, who were sitting quietly across from him. He stared for about a minute, and then blurted out, “Well.”

“Well what?” Rose asked.

“Your names,” he demanded, as if he was a survey maker, asking for names. “You were standing outside my compartment, bugging me for half a minute, bickering about whether or not I was worthy enough to sit with.”

“Well, I wanted to sit, if Albus here”-

“Oh yeah, it’s mean old Albus’ fault,” Albus whispered sarcastically. “And Rose is just an angel, isn’t she?”

“Not the way I planned to get your names, but it’ll do,” he said, sitting straight, and looking at Rose. “I’m Scorpius Malfoy. This friend of mine here is my companion, Ursa. So, which house do you think you’ll go in? Slytherin, Hufflepuff… Gryffindor?”

The last word was said with an air of disrespect. It was like he found it lame to go into that house. He rolled his eyes as he said it, and made Albus stare, “What’s wrong with Gryffindor?”

“They’re self-righteous,” Scorpius answered simply. “Father said that Gryffindors are for more of the heroic types. The ones who try to be brave and heroes.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Rose asked.

“There’s nothing wrong with heroics, but if they’d just think things out,” Scorpius argued. “I mean- you know, just- they’re not smart,” he finished lamely.

“I’m smart,” Albus muttered. He fell into thought again.

This time, Scorpius woke him up by smacking him on the back of the head. As he sat back down, Scorpius threw a grin at Albus. “What about you? Gryffindor or Slytherin?”

“My brother thinks I should go into Slytherin,” Albus said quietly. “I wanna prove him wrong. For once.”

“He doesn’t think that, Al,” Rose interrupted. “He’s”-

But Scorpius talked over her, satisfied because his cat started purring, “Who cares if you’re in Slytherin? You’re not giving up bravery. You’re giving up stupidity. I admit I don’t know too much about Gryffindor, but I know enough about Slytherin to say I belong in that house. If they even try to put me in Gryffindor…”

“Rose, be honest, do I belong in Slytherin,” and Albus turned desperately to her.

Scorpius nearly laughed. He stopped himself by covering his mouth, letting his cat, Ursa fall off with an ominous sounding meow. Spitting at its master, the cat prowled along the compartment. Slytherin was for those who valued self-preservation. They were all friends there, and stuck together. To him, Albus possessed all those traits.

Before Rose could answer, Scorpius spoke up again, “You do belong in Slytherin, and if you wanna disagree with me, let the sorting decide. You seem positively terrified of Slytherin, as if it’s a fate worse than death. You show pragmatism just by standing outside the compartment, scared I’d kill you or something. Self preservation. You seem to want friends, which is why you chose this compartment. Because I am here. If you’re not in Slytherin, I’ll kill myself.”

“Well, that’s the lamest argument I ever heard,” Rose laughed.

“I WON’T be in Slytherin,” Albus said angrily. “I won’t be. I just won’t.”

“Oh, stop pouting,” Scorpius laughed, picking Ursa up. “Look at yourself. You’re proving my point more.”

“I’m gonna go in Gryffindor,” Albus vowed. “And I’m gonna make you and my brother eat your words.”

“Are you determined to wrong him?” Scorpius asked testily, resuming the stroking of his cat, which started purring once more.

“Shut up!”

“Is your brother in Gryffindor by any chance?” Scorpius challenged. When Albus nodded, Scorpius went on, “Well, I rest my case. A Gryffindor teases his own brother, and thinks he’ll go in Slytherin. See, Gryffindors are adventurous. They’ll prank others and tease them just to watch their effects for their enjoyment. A Slytherin doesn’t feel the need for such pointless schemes. Here’s a question, Al, do you feel such a need?”

“That’s generalizing Scorpius,” Rose scolded. “Not all Gryffindors like to tease and prank others.”

Scorpius wasn’t deterred. “But it derives from being a Gryffindor. It requires adventurism and most Gryffindors are like that.”

It wasn’t all argument though. Scorpius also talked to Rose a bit, but he seemed more interested in Albus, because he threw in random questions sometimes, such as, “What’s your surname?” He widened his eyes when Albus said Potter, but when Albus asked why he was surprised, Scorpius stayed silent.

As the sun started going down from its highest point in the sky, a plump witch opened the compartment and asked if they’d like anything. Albus got up to pay, but Scorpius seized the opportunity, and got up, “It’s on me. We’ll take three Fizzing Whizbee’s, three packets of Berite Bots, nine chocolate frogs for the purpose of collecting, six licorice wands, and… um… a Drooble’s best Blowing Gum packet.”

“Do you want to get fat?” Rose asked simply to him as the witch left and Albus laughed.

“Not unless you’re on a diet,” Scorpius laughed. Scorpius spread it out for them on the seats, shaking his head as he looked around, “They sell food, but they got no tables to put the food on. What the bloody hell?”

Nonetheless, they started new argument over Wizard cards. “Morgan La Fay was a cool witch,” Scorpius was saying to Rose. “Just take it, I’m dying for Salazar Slytherin.”

“But Slytherin’s rare, and he’s a founder. I’m keeping him till I get another!” Rose argued.

“I got Merlin!” Albus cried, holding it up.

“La Fay for him?” Scorpius asked pleadingly.

“I only trade ones I got more of, because I could sell for a lot of money one day,” Albus shook his head.

“Damn it, Al, that’s so Slytherin of you!”

“Shut up!” Albus cried as Rose rolled her eyes. “I’m not going into Slytherin!”

“Al, yes you are,” Scorpius said calmly.

But the argument was more or less over. The sorting was going to decide in the end of the day and Scorpius had an idea of how it would turn out. The rest of the ride was spent trading chocolate frog cards. Albus found himself two Salazar’s, and offered Scorpius one if he offered Godric Gryffindor. Scorpius gladly gave it up. As the sky started darkening, Rose looked out the window and turned to the teasing Scorpius, and the terrified Albus, “Well, it’s getting late. We’d better change soon.”

She left Albus and Scorpius to change in their compartment, and then they left so Rose could change. While outside, Scorpius looked thoughtful. Responding to a questioning look from Albus, he said, “Hey, Al, even if you do by some miracle make Gryffindor, let’s still be friends.”

“I’m not going into Slytherin,” Albus said confidently.

But Scorpius merely laughed and with a look of superiority, resumed the arguing. Scorpius seemed to be taking such delight at Albus’ reactions. They must’ve been arguing loudly as another compartment across from them burst open. There stood a very small boy with flat blonde hair, and a skinny build.
Behind him was two red-heads, also small. They were twins. The blonde was the first to speak, “What’s going on. You’re bothering us,” the boy spoke almost girly by how young he was.

“He’s scared of going into Slytherin,” Scorpius laughed.

“Well, if you’re scared, that’s why you should go in Slytherin,” one of the red heads said.

“There see, they hardly know you, and they think you belong in Slytherin too,” Scorpius laughed. “It’s so plain, it sticks!”

He dragged Albus back in the compartment, leaving the boy and the twins standing outside. Albus folded his arms, Scorpius was laughing, and Rose was glaring at Scorpius angrily.


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