Chapter 13 Slytherin vs Gryffindor

The Forgotten Memory

Chapter 13: Slytherin vs. Gryffindor

Halloween passed. After the feast, the castle seemed to be in higher spirits as the dreary month of November fell upon them. It was raining so much these days, Herbology was cancelled and the first years were made to stay indoors. During that time, Albus debated whether or not to read some of the book, or spend time with Scorpius.

Scorpius was in a grumpy mood already though due to Alex running into him while chasing a laughing Mark down the Gryffindor Tower steps. Albus doubted it was purposeful, but he’d have been surprised if he heard Alex regretted it. Due to this grumpy mood, Albus decided not to make it worst, and ditch the book and hang out with his friend against the wall of the Entrance Hall.

Albus soon regretted choosing Scorpius though. The two were sitting against the walls of the Entrance Hall, Scorpius stroking Ursa again. Ursa, for some reason, seemed to calm him. Albus could tell that Scorpius was very fond of his cat, but fond or not, he was complaining loudly of Gryffindors, and didn’t hesitate to mention James and even Rose among them. After hearing Scorpius ramble and complain for about fifteen minutes, Albus looked over at him, and said, “Scorps?”

Scorpius stopped in midsentence, and met Albus’ eyes. “What? And the name is Scorpius.”

“If I made Gryffindor, would you talk to me at all?” Albus asked testily.

Scorpius seemed taken-aback for a second, but recovered immediately, “If you made Gryffindor, you’d be a completely different person. You’d be a self-righteous loser hanging out with Mark and the idiots.”

Albus widened his eyes, but Scorpius seemed unaware of the offense Albus took. Albus sighed, and said, “James is my brother and Rose is my cousin. I don’t see self-righteousness from either of them.”

“Look at it from my point of view,” Scorpius said over him. “Look at them as self-righteous losers, and you’ll see them as such.”

“Same applies to you,” Albus said back. “But you seem determined to stick to your point of view. Last I heard from you, it was Gryffindor that was known for stubbornness.”

“I don’t take insults,” Scorpius said immediately after.

Albus changed tact promptly, “You’ve been like this since the train, when all you’ve heard about Gryffindor was insinuating insults against them from someone like your dad.”

It was no use arguing with Scorpius. He seemed to feed off of Albus’ arguments, and use them against him. “You know nothing about my father, Potter,” Scorpius said angrily. “You’re one to talk, y’know. All you’ve heard about Slytherin was biased self-righteous insults from your own dad.” He sniffed in a superior way, and added, “Plus, the way Alex and Eric treat you are legendary. The enmity between Gryffindor and Slytherin is a matter of principle. They know it, you know it, and James knows it. James may treat you fine as a brother, but I ask you this, Al; how would he treat you if you were Slytherin, but not his brother?”

Albus was quiet. He looked down, and Scorpius said “ha” in triumph. “See what I mean? Now, the Quidditch game is coming up, and James will be playing Chaser. Let’s see who acts self-righteous, and who is resourceful in this game. I bet I can point about a hundred acts to you.”

“And will they be coherent, or pathetic arguments like you did on the train?” Albus asked, smiling widely to show he was joking. Scorpius shook his head and rolled his eyes, dragging him back to the dormitory.

The next day, they woke up for an early breakfast. The rain was pattering lightly on the ceiling above. After breakfast, they walked outside silently to the Quidditch pitch. The rain stopped, but the clouds above threatened them still, hanging ever so low over the pitch. It looked like the rain could fall at any moment again.

To mark the occasion, Scorpius held a green umbrella with a silver snake circling around it. It was large enough to fit himself and Albus inside. It was unneeded; however, and the rain seemed to hold for a time. Scorpius and Albus took seats next to Rose and Fred. Mark was also not far from them, sitting with Eric. Only Eric. Where was Alex?

A sudden sound from the megaphone answered the question. This one was childish, excited and playful. It had an energetic tone to it suggesting a good game was about to come, and despite Albus’ feelings or Scorpius’ feelings toward the Gryffindors, none could deny Alex was going to impress them all. When was he picked? Albus was never told about this.

“Hello Hogwarts! Witness Hogwarts’ first Quidditch game of the season! First to determine the winner of the Quidditch cup! This is none other than your own Alex Wallaby speaking to you all from the top of the Quidditch stands, watching the game with all our fans,” he said to thunderous applause. Wolf-whistles were done from all sides, and flags of red and gold or green and silver ruled the stands. Alex continued, “Our own Master Cantharis eyes all the players with unnecessary force as he calls for a good game.”

The flying instructor, Master Cantharis, stood out in the open. He was a tall man with a rough lined face, sunken black eyes and a tan complexion. He looked up at all the players with a hard, cold stare, “A good game will come from this… or else.”

“The bludgers are released, as is the Golden Snitch,” Alex announced in an excited tone few could imitate. “The snitch does a few laps around the stadium and disappears. Cantharis is still eyeing our players. Who would disobey eyes that cold I cannot imagine… oh, it seems he wants to say something more?”

Cantharis stared up, considered Alex for a second, and then yelled into the megaphone, “Detention Mr. Wallaby.”

“And he’s given the commentator detention,” Alex announced happily. “This kind of act must not have been seen in a Quidditch game forever. Making history, Cantharis triumphantly releases the Quaffle, starting the game.” Laughter erupted from all around the stands. Even the teachers were seen exchanging some laughter. Mark and Eric, not far from Albus, gave each other five at the humor.

Scorpius looked over Albus, grinning, but he also said, “See? No Slytherin would’ve taken that risk, and it was uncalled for. So, the two humiliate each other. I dare you to tell me you’d do what Alex did.”

“Oh, be quiet,” Albus said, playfully punching him. “That was funny and you know it.”

“The players fly into action immediately. Gryffindor in possess- No, Slytherin stole it. Slytherin Chaser Hector Gelp swerves up the pitch, Dodges Gryffindor Captain Jerry Wood, skilled Chaser and last year a new second-year find of the old Captain. Gelp prepares to shoot- OH! Smashed by a bludger. Jerry catches the Quaffle, and heads up the pitch. Surrounded, he passes it to fellow James Potter, new find of the captain’s this year. This is the first true test for James Potter. He- it’s stolen. Stolen by Slytherin Chaser George Gregton”

James swerved away, and Alex went on, “The Quaffle is subjected to much squabbling. How I’d hate to be in that ball’s shoes- if it had any- ANYWAY, Slytherin in possession, and George soars through the pitch unopposed. With only the keeper to beat, he makes the shot. HE FEINTED!” he yelled, almost as if it was a problem. “Slytherin score! Ten-zero to Slytherin.”

Albus and Scorpius jumped up, cheering. Mark slapped the back of the chair in front of him angrily, and Scorpius pointed that out to Albus, “Doesn’t like losing much. And did you hear Alex’s tone? When was it illegal to feint, huh?”

Albus knew it was a pathetic argument and he knew Scorpius’ heart wasn’t in it right now. Before Albus could answer though, a large form made its way to where Albus was sitting. “Make way, make way. Professor Hagrid comin’ though.”

“Hi, Hagrid,” Albus yelled over the cheering at the Gryffindor end. Jerry had scored for Gryffindor.

“DEMONIC EQUALIZER!” Alex yelled happily.

“Can’ never miss a game,” Hagrid growled, sitting beside Albus though it was the Slytherin end. “Dunno why no one tells me when a game happens.”

“Now, Alex can’t shut up. Hear him gloat, Al? Hi, Hagrid,” Scorpius called, without taking his eyes off the game.

“’Allo Scorpius,” Hagrid waved.

James was in possession, and Alex was yelling wildly. Scorpius seemed to be right this time. Alex was still talking about the score. “Many Gryffindors must be happy to see this after Slytherin started out so good. But Gryffindors are known for their comebacks, and with Jerry on the team, no bad can come of it. The Gryffindor team seems to be unstoppable as”-”

“Hey, Hagrid,” Mark called. “Do you know if brooms can be made to go faster?”

“Impossible,” Hagrid growled. “Brooms are only as fast as the caster”-

“GRYFFINDOR SCORE!” Alex yelled. “Thirty-ten to Gryffindor, and the seekers are racing. Have they seen the snitch?”

The Gryffindor and Slytherin Seekers were both very skinny and light. The Slytherin Seeker Faucet Kepler was skinny and light. He had a bony face, but watery blue eyes under the blonde hair of his. The Gryffindor Seeker raced down.

The Seekers raced down nearer the ground. Albus and Scorpius were on the edge of their seats. Hagrid was yelling something, but they couldn’t hear him. Mark and Eric watched intently, eyes glued to the game. This was it…

“Kepler catches the snitch!” Alex yelled, almost in disappointment. “Kepler catches the snitch, and claims a victory for Slytherin house. The game is over. This was Alex Wallaby commentating. About to receive a sweet detention, he bids you all goodbye.”

As Albus and Scorpius were walking out of the pitch, Albus was lecturing Scorpius on how good the game was and why Alex deserved the spot. Scorpius was lost for words. The rain was hitting, probably echoing the mood of the Gryffindors. Alex was walking away with Master Cantharis when Albus ran up, Scorpius trailing behind him, “Oi, Alex,” Albus called.

Alex looked around. His red hair was windswept, though he wasn’t on a broom. Scorpius was beside Albus, but rolled his eyes, signaling that whatever Albus would say, he would not agree with.

“Nice commentary,” Albus commented.

“What’re you making fun of me?” Alex challenged.

“No,” Albus shook his head. “It was brilliant.”

Alex shrugged, and walked off with Cantharis. Albus smirked, and turned to a disapproving Scorpius. Shaking his head, Scorpius led the way back to the Common Room where the rest of the house was waiting for them for the purpose of partying for the rest of the day.


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