Chapter 24 The Forgotten Memory

The Forgotten Memory

Chapter 24: Two Forgotten Memory

Albus gaped at Walter. His plump face bore no lie. Scorpius shrugged, as if trying in vain to act as though he didn’t care. Scorpius sighed, and looked down, a sad smile on his face. It was hard to tell if Scorpius at all felt for Mark and the twins. Though Albus wasn’t fond of them, he had to feel sorry for both of them. Not only Alex and Eric, but Mark too. They were orphans now.

Walter sighed, and shrugged, “Well, I’m gonna talk to Mark. It’d be cool if you guys could talk to the twins. They’re in an empty transfiguration classroom on the first floor.”

Albus got up without hesitation. He turned towards the castle but before he could take a step, Scorpius called back, “Wait, where are you going?”

“To find the twins,” he responded. “I think I can talk to them.” Then, as Scorpius opened his moiuth to argue, Albus launched into a preemptive speech. “I’m better than that, Scorps. They need us now. Without each other, they’re friendless. They have no one else. We’re the only ones who know them well enough to do anything, and you’re just gonna ignore them?”

“Yeah, sounds about right,” Scorpius shrugged, smirking a bit.

Albus kicked him in the knee, and ignoring the loud ‘ow’ from Scorpius, walked away. He walked across the courtyard. He could see Mark by the lake. With a pang of guilt and pity, he saw the child hide his face in his hands.

Turning away, he pulled open the great oak doors, and ran through the entrance hall. If the twins were still there, he could probably talk to them. He knew he was taking the difficult job on, talking to those who truly hated him. But Albus believed he knew how to talk to the twins, especially Alex. He was running so fast, he didn’t see where he was going.

Albus ran right into a floating pale white man with a wide evil grin. “Eh, ha, ha, ha. It’s Potty. Someone crap in your”-

“Go away Peeves, this is serious,” Albus said hurriedly.

“Oooh, Potty’s hiding a guilty conscience,” Peeves said happily, blocking his way. “Eh, ha, ha, ha. He swooped behind and around Albus, laughing. Albus tried ignoring him, but Peeves wouldn’t hear of it. He kept floating into Albus’ way, blocking it.

“GO AWAY!” Albus screamed angrily, provoking a door to be banged open to his right.

Redgrow strode up, “What are you yelling about, Potter? Peeves, off or I’ll summon the Baron.”

“Shan’t go anywhere unless I”-

“PEEVES!” a loud yell went off. Cora Redgrow and Albus looked around as Master Cantharis came running through a door. Mr. Jabber barked a loud high bark from behind, and Peeves laughed harder. Mr. Jabber ran into a suit of armor, making it topple down. Albus dived out of the way as the armor fell upon Peeves.

Peeves struggled to get it off, and flew away, cursing and spitting on anything mobile. Cantharis chased after him, yelling about victory and war. Albus ran off after them, but took a sharp left to the empty class. It was shut tight. He reached for the knob, and turned. It didn’t budge. He backed away, and pulled his wand out, “Alohomora!”

The door unlocked, and he rushed in, coming to an abrupt halt. No one was there. There was a single chair and a table and no one on either. Albus’ eyes were for a basin on the table with a silvery substance in it, however. He spent enough time in the magical world to know this was a pensieve. He stepped up to it and submerged his head inside, watching from above.

A blonde man with long hair and a skinny moustache stood facing a taller man with long silvery hair. Albus knew this must’ve been Dumbledore and neither knew he was there. There was another figure standing with Harriet. This one was a woman with long red hair flowing down to her waist. She looked tough and she had a straight wand on the blonde man’s back. A smaller figure, also with red hair stood among them, apparently unnoticed.

Albus believed this must’ve been a meeting between none other than Barbara Wallaby, Harriet Wallader and Albus Dumbledore. The smaller figure was of course one of the twins Albus couldn’t tell which one from above. He was oblivious to being watched.

“So, we have an accord, I trust,” Dumbledore asked calmly.

“I shall orchestrate Lord Voldemort’s decline in the war,” Harriet promised. “I know enough of his false promises to the giants. They will likely retreat to the mountains once it is leaked.”

“And make sure that the Order has the upper hand in attacks,” Barbara told him warningly. “Fail to do so and the consequences”-

“Don’t frighten him, Barbara,” Dumbledore interrupted. “We’ll discuss how we go about with the turn of the tide in due time. What we require is information and for Harriet to go into hiding. We shall perform a Fidileus Charm, I believe I shall do so myself, and Harriet will then be caught in a staged battle. We will capture him and announce a false death.”

“My death will give Voldemort a sense of glee,” Harriet told them both calmly. “He knows whose blood runs in my veins. He is threatened by me.”

“Yet, taking his side gave Voldemort a sense of legitimacy in the public,” Barbara recalled. “Only Merlin’s Heir could possibly generate sympathy towards one side.”

“After the war is won, we’ll leak Harriet’s life in and people will have a sense of relief,” Dumbledore told them. “In the meantime,” Dumbledore said, bowing his head. “Once your death is faked, we will leak the false promises to the giants and drive the Dementors back. Death Eaters will be captured and we shall then arrange a meeting with Barty Crouch to ensure your position. At the end of the war, you must face trial willingly and I shall vouch for you.”

Then, the scene changed. Dumbledore looked older, the twin remained where he was, and Harriet had longer hair tied in a ponytail. His moustache was gone. Dumbledore was sitting in what Albus believed must’ve been the Headmaster’s office judging by the portraits behind the desk. A phoenix sat on a perch beside Dumbledore’s chair.

“The Chamber has been shut again, I believe?” Harriet asked calmly.

“Yes indeed,” Dumbledore said smilingly. “I cannot stress how relieved I am that Voldemort did not manage a rebirth through the diary.”

“May I see the diary?” Harriet asked. “Do you have it?”

“Harry Potter used it to free a House-elf who returned it to my possession,” Dumbledore told him, handing him a beaten diary. A notable hole was through the cover and pages inside. “I am sure you will realize the significance. A diary acting as Tom Riddle’s memory. Very interesting. A very powerful object too.”

“It only means one thing, Albus,” Harriet said shakily. “Our suspicions were correct.”

“Even from Albania, Lord Voldemort manages to cause trouble,” Dumbledore said sadly. “He nearly achieved immortality last year and this year he nearly had his way with the school.”

“Maybe something will happen soon?” Harriet guessed. “You heard of Sirius Black’s escape, right?”

“Ah, yes very interesting. But make haste out; however, you must not be seen until Voldemort is vanquished for good. A corporeal form in Albania does not constitute ‘vanquished,’ and the year will start shortly. I must make my way down.”

Then, the red-headed twin disappeared from memory and seeing cue, Albus pulled his head out. That was most entertaining. He looked at the chair and there, finally, sat the red-headed twin. Only one twin was there, and he couldn’t tell which one it was. They were too identical. The red head looked around.

Albus couldn’t think of what else to say but, “Alex or Eric?”

“Go away,” he mumbled.

“Yup, you’re Eric”-

“I’m Alex you idiot! And you spied on a private memory. Go away.”

“Alex is better than that,” Albus laughed. “C’mon, I need to talk to you. Can you walk with me?” Alex shrugged, and got up. Albus looked around as they left the room and went down the corridor. Albus did not know how he’d manage to make Alex feel better but he had to try. He wasted no time, “Where’s Eric?”

“Our dormitory,” Alex said lowly. “What do you want? In case your brain can’t comprehend, I’m a little busy.”

Albus stopped, and turned to Alex. His eyes bore into Alex’s blue ones. They looked genuinely miserable. Albus held a lot of pity now. He wished Teddy was there. Teddy could probably relate to Alex better. But right now, it was up to Albus. Eric was tougher. If he could get Alex to listen, he’d have a chance with Eric.

“I’m sorry,” Albus said suddenly. Alex looked over at Albus as they started walking again. “I’m sorry for two things. First, I’m sorry for your loss. I got a friend named Teddy, and he knows full well out it feels to be orphaned.” Alex opened his mouth to say something, but Albus silenced him, “Second, I’m sorry you hate me. I’m sorry you don’t trust me, so you could listen to what I have to say. If you knew my own history, you’d think differently of Slytherin house. Right now, my friend Walter is trying to talk to Mark. Talk to me, and we’ll all talk to Eric.”

“I hardly think”-

“I’ve been named for two people,” Albus interrupted. “A Gryffindor and a Slytherin. Both were Headmasters, and both were very brave.”

“Dumbledore was a Gryffindor, which Slytherin could possibly amount to bravery?”

“Severus Snape,” Albus said proudly. “Read the history books. Ask anyone. Ask the Headmaster, who’s a Slytherin himself.”

“I don’t care!” Alex said back angrily.

“Yeah, you do,” Albus differed. “Because, I’m trying to reach out to you. I’ve been trying this whole year and you’re shutting not only me but the entire school out. You can’t possibly have some inborn intolerance in you.”

“How do you know?” Alex demanded, tears rolling down his cheeks. He firmly wiped them off, and scratched his nose.

“Because, you tolerate Muggles,” Albus smirked, grateful for once now for his Aunt Hermione’s explanation on the Wallader’s. “If Mark is that way, so are you, because you live with that guy. Everyone knows that!”

“I don’t care what sort of story you have,” Alex told him bitterly. “What’re you some councilor?”

“You see what’s happening? I always imagined you’d be mourning with Eric and Mark, and instead, you’re alone. Without each other, you got no one. Happy that way? Spending time alone? Who better to help you than your own twin and friend?”

Alex was quiet for a minute. They walked outside into the courtyard together, and across the path to the lake. Alex raised his head up with wide eyes. There was Mark. He was visible, face still hidden as a small figure stood by his side. The small figure was a third of a group who was with him. One was of course Walter, the other was Laura, the other (Albus was surprised to see) was Scorpius.

Alex stared across the lake at the small hunched figure that was Mark. Ignoring Albus and his point that was trying to be made, he ran off. Albus, taken-aback for three seconds, took off after him. Five minutes, and Alex ran right into a surprised Mark.

During the one second that Mark’s face was shown, Albus could see it was very red. Scorpius’ face was turned away determinedly to the lake, as if mesmerized by its beauty. Well, he couldn’t avoid Albus forever.

“I’m sorry, Alex,” Mark said quietly. “For yelling at you.”

Albus flinched in surprise. Mark yelled at Alex did he? That was surprising. He shrugged, and looked over at Walter. He could tell that Walter was the one who fetched Laura, but Scorpius… he was never convinced by outside forces. He must’ve come out of his own will.

A/N: Next chapter is the finale and I have an extra surprise. As a shout out to Mark, I shall publish an extra chapter I originally did not intend on writing. This extra chapter will feature many of the scenes Albus had with Mark, but from Mark’s point of view. For those worried about repetition, don’t be. They will describe the scene from his point of view, you’ll know his perception of things and through that learn just how he feels towards Albus and why. It will also feature his own sorting. Again, this will surprise you as much as the ending will. (because the death is just the beginning.)


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