Albus Potter and the Goblin’s Amulet

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Hard Decision

Chapter 2 The Diagon Confrontation

Chapter 3 Soto’s Offer

Chapter 4 The New Arrival

Chapter 5 The Outer and Inner Eye

Chapter 6 The Lion of Hogwarts

Chapter 7 The Gifted Seer

Chapter 8 Blissful Ignorance

Chapter 9 The Serpent’s Stooge

Chapter 10 The All Hallows Date

Chapter 11 Mark’s Wager

Chapter 12 The One-sided Game

Chapter 13 A Looming Shadow

Chapter 14 A Love Unseen

Chapter 15 The Hogwarts Search

Chapter 16 Christmas at the Potter’s

Chapter 17 The Missing Heir

Chapter 18 Traces of Dark Magic

Chapter 19 The Eagle’s Thorn

Chapter 20 The Illegal Visit

Chapter 21 The Living Nightmare

Chapter 22 I’ll Sacrifice Anything

Chapter 23 The Coming Storm

Chapter 24 The Serpent’s Banquet

Chapter 25 The Lure of the Dark Arts

Chapter 26 The Goblin’s Amulet

Chapter 27 The Aftermath

Chapter 28 The Hogwarts Guard

Chapter 29 A Father to Us All

Chapter 29.5 Bonus Flashback

Chapter 30 Hagrid’s Hut


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