Albus Potter and the Hogwarts Hurricane

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Godric’s Hollow

Chapter 2 The Two Alleys

Chapter 3 Hurricane Ginny

Chapter 4 The Aftermath of the Storm

Chapter 5 Slytherin Newcomers

Chapter 6 Secrets

Chapter 7 Arrival

Chapter 8 Mark’s Angle

Chapter 9 Dream or Dreamless

Chapter 10 Scorpius vs Adam

Chapter 11 Two Fierce Rivals

Chapter 12 Mark’s Purpose

Chapter 13 Scorpius’ Flight

Chapter 14 His Very Best Friend

Chapter 15 Within the Flames

Chapter 16 Two Twins and a Mark

Chapter 16.5 Bonus Flashback

Chapter 17 Riley’s Secret

Chapter 18 Truth and Plea

Chapter 19 Garlic Frenzy Duel

Chapter 20 Owls Before the Storm

Chapter 21 The Hogwarts Hurricane

Chapter 22 Seeds of War

Chapter 23 A Blast From the Past

Chapter 24 A Kept Promise

Chapter 25 Emotional Reunion

Chapter 26 Three New Friendships

Chapter 27 Home Sweet Home


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