Chapter 10 Scorpius vs Adam

The Hogwarts Hurricane

Chapter 10: Scorpius vs. Adam

One thing Albus knew now, Riley was no longer a friend to him or Scorpius, and in that sense, he, Albus, was losing his friends quickly. Scorpius had lied. Not intentionally, but he lied. Albus regretted making Slytherin now. Mark was right. He was losing his friends one after another and it was only a matter of time before he lost Scorpius as a friend.

One thing that took his mind off things was that Scorpius tried out for the Slytherin Team Practice. Quidditch was captained by a seventh year called Fredrick Dodderville. Scorpius boasted quite loudly in the Common Room in mid-October that he was picked easily. He beat the competition easily. Albus didn’t know whether to believe him or not. He didn’t see the tryouts.

As the weeks passed, lessons became more intense. Albus thought it was just the pressure of the beginning of the year, but they only got harder. Professor Redgrow had asked a particularly difficult question of where spells came from. The best Scorpius could say was “from wands” when Rose’s hand shot into the air and she stated, “All spells have etymologies from Latin, Aramaic or other ancient languages. Different environments call for different adaptations, and new creations of spells which are passed to other schools around the world.”

“Brilliant, ten points to Gryffindor,” Redgrow said approvingly. “Now, to the Animagi spell I was telling you all about”-

Albus’ eyes were drooping during the class so he knew he would barely stay awake. He was not sure if he ever got to sleep except that what seemed to be five minutes later, the bell rang to signal the end and he walked out, exhausted.

“You fell asleep, mate,” Scorpius whispered with Rose walking close beside them.

“Did I?” Albus yawned.

Before Scorpius could answer, Mark Wallader had passed them both, talking loudly of ‘slackers in class.’ “I can’t understand why anyone would want to fall asleep in class like that. Shows what kind of person you are.”

“Ignore it, Al, he wants a rise from you,” Scorpius said quietly.

“He’s about to get it,” Albus whispered back.

Just then, Rose stopped and held her hand out to stop Albus and Rose walking any further. It must have been something Albus had said because she looked particularly furious at Albus’ threatening line. “You know what, Al? If you and Scorpy can’t stand Mark, stay away from him. I’m sure he has enough trouble.”

“Scorpius,” Scorpius coughed.

“I don’t care!” Rose said through gritted teeth. “Seriously, what business is it of yours what he does in Hogwarts? It’s bad enough you give each other hell at home”-

“Wait a sec,” Albus rounded on her, still surprised at her new offensive nature. “How’s it my fault he’s like this? I didn’t do a thing to him except try to welcome him into the Potter family.”

“Who are you to do that?” Rose questioned him, calming down a little but still half fuming. “You are the worst person to do so for him. I mean, honestly, Al, after a year of rivalry between you two, you think he’d want to stay in the same room as you?”

“What do you mean? I still didn’t do anything wrong.”

“You didn’t, but think in his point of view,” Rose said smartly. “Al, how would you feel if you were in his position? Parents died and forced to live with the boy who frustrated you for nine months, stuck in a house where that same kid gets most of the attention and you’re just… there. Forced to bunk with him and everything.”

“Well, Rosie seems very in touch with poor Mark’s feelings,” Scorpius smirked.

“That’s because Alex and Eric are perfectly in sync with him,” Rose smiled. “An almost perfect relationship. Then, Mark has to deal with Blckberry.”

“Well, if Mark would leave him alone…”

Then, Rose said something that would haunt Al for a long, long time. She said something that made him realize once again what Mark was telling him the year before. “Al, he won’t, it’s not in his nature,” Rose argued. “All I know is that whatever is bothering Riley, if it’s going to keep him withdrawn from all of you, he probably was not that good a friend to begin with.”

Completely taken-aback, Albus decided not to argue more lest Rose start arguing again, so he walked away. As the week passed though, Rose’s words on synchronicity between the twins and Mark were proven wrong. Albus noticed that Mark and Walter were spending an increased amount of time together. Alex and Eric in turn were spending an increased amount of time without Mark. When he pointed this out to Scorpius, he smirked, “Well, well, well, Gryffindors splitting apart. How sad. Really goes well with Rose’s theory with synchronicity, huh?”

Albus spent a lot of free thinking time speculating on why the three would not be hanging out anymore. His thoughts gave a number of possibilities, but none of them seemed likely considering who they were, because all of them involved them having broken up. That was the only explanation though. They were always together, so the only reason they wouldn’t be is if they didn’t hang out anymore.

Professor Ackerly had them try a new tap-dancing Charm. It made even the worse dancer tap-dance. Alexis Ackerly was still his partner in Charms and she was also fun. She provided a good distraction from the life at Hogwarts so Albus found that he did not have to confide in her his problem if he did not want to; except he was seriously considering it. Rose’s words were not lost on him and if Riley was gone for good, Albus was running short on friends.

“There,” she said happily. “Made the cup tap dance. Now, you try. And play a musical piece in your head, it helps.”

Help it did. With the Charm mastered thanks to Alexis, he managed to get off homework that day as the only one in the class, (apart from Alexis herself and Rose) who did. That Halloween, such distractions proved folly though. The last conflict within the dormitory that Albus thought would happen, happened. Apparently, Scorpius too noticed Adam’s fearful attitude towards Riley. Scorpius had just been in another argument with Riley and Adam had actually pointed his want at Riley out of belief that Riley was being a bully, and sent him off. Unfortunately, that did nothing to quell Scorpius’ anger. Luckily, Albus called upon Carl in time because he could see what was coming.

“Well, excuse us for being peacemakers,” Scorpius spat angrily. Ursa was staring at Adam through wide yellow eyes. “We’re trying to be friends, not enemies.”

Scorpius didn’t exactly ask for him to translate, but Carl did so anyway. Scorpius found he didn’t care. That was, until Adam responded angrily, “He is not treating you right. You think so naïve because he was your friend for long time but he give you nothing but mean look. Stay away from him.”

“What business is it of yours?” Scorpius demanded.

“Ah, ya Scorpy”-

“Get my name right, you jerk!”

“Whoa, Scorpius, calm”-

Too late. Adam came back with an Arabic insult only Carl could translate. It was an insult that caught Albus by surprise too. This time, Carl stepped back, eyes wide. Now, his face was readable. Surprise. Uncertainty. “Uh.”

“What, what did he say?” Scorpius demanded.

Ursa hissed angrily at Adam, and Carl just shrugged unconvincingly, “Nothing.”


“Some things are really better left unsaid,” Carl muttered pleadingly.

“I wanna know!”

“You don’t wanna know,” Carl muttered, shaking his head.

“Yes, I do,” Scorpius insisted. “Now, tell me!”

Carl took a breath. Ben Franken the American was taking an interest now. He kept his eyes on the Egyptian, also in wonder at what he said. Seeing no alternative, Carl sighed, and translated with two simple words, “Your dad.” Scorpius was puzzled. So was Albus. So Carl clarified, “You called him a jerk. He’s saying it back at your dad.”

“Whoa, hello!” Ben muttered.

Scorpius glared at Adam. Albus wasn’t sure what would happen next, but it was answered soon enough. Scorpius started towards him. Ben and Carl held him back from the armpits. Scorpius was flailing, “Let me at him. Give me three seconds with him. I’ll screw him up so bad. I swear, I’ll”-

But Ursa had pounced. Albus saw enough to learn the previous year that Ursa defended Scorpius all the time, who in turn was very fond of him. Adam backed away, tripping over a chair. Ursa jumped on Adam’s body, claws sinking into his clothes, and stared down at his face. Adam was yelling in fear. Albus had to feel bad for him. Imagining Ursa stare down at you ominously with yellow eyes wasn’t what all would want.

“What is going on here?” a voice asked as Adam screamed in pain, and knocked Ursa off. There were scratch marks on Adam’s face. James had entered with Jimmy Kat. Albus yelled in surprise as a bang went off. Narrowly missing Albus, he jumped out of the way. Scorpius and Adam were facing each other, and Carl was explaining the situation to James. Ben watched the confrontation between Scorpius and Adam evolving quickly to wands.

James nodded in understanding, and took his wand out. Albus stepped back, not wanting to get involved especially if James was there. The threatening otice might have been temporary but Albus has still seen it and knew his intentions. No worries were necessary; however, as both parties cast James out effectively, and James fled the battle with a bloody nose and a tickling charm. Jimmy ran out, asking James something in an Australian accent too unfathomable to Albus at the moment.

“You know, Malfoy, this was your fault,” Carl called quite bravely as Scorpius dodged behind a desk, which became charred on impact of Adam’s spell.

Scorpius shot out a loud bang that interrupted Carl, and drowned the rest of whatever he had to say. Adam threw himself to the floor. Albus had to admit that both were quite good. A few parries and blocks later, it seemed Scorpius was winning, but then Carl backed away and called, “Ben.”

Ben nodded, and pulled his wand out. Without uttering a single word, Ben waved his wand to cast a shield Charm between the two quarreling foes, and stabbed his wand forward, blasting the both away. He held his wand in a stabbing position.

Adam threw one glare at Scorpius through a black eye and a scratched face before walking out of the room. Scorpius had three scratches running down the side of his cheek, as if he was scratched by a cat himself. His nose was bleeding, and his face was ashen. “Episkey,” Ben muttered, wand on Scorpius’ nose.

The bleeding ceased and Scorpius rubbed it as if checking for any cracks to signal a broken nose. There was none and so he cleared his throat. Albus did not know how he would take this. Scorpius never took well to looking like a fool and there, Ben had stopped a fight which looked like Scorpius might have won.

“Amusing,” Albus muttered. But it was anything but amusing. Just when Albus was beginning to think of ways for Adam and Scorpius to get along and quell the fight with Riley, this happened. The last thing he wanted was for Adam and Scorpius to fight over a simple social misunderstanding. Was this connected to Mark in any way, or was Albus just being paranoid.

Thinking of the devil, the door opened once more and Mark and Laura were standing at the doorway, increasing Albus’ suspicions. Carl and Ben stood frozen. Scorpius was brushing himself off and Albus was watching the confrontation. Mark was without the twins again, and Laura seemed to be in the midsentence, breathless with excitement at talking to Mark. Mark seemed to be bored, but his eyes widened at the beaten up Scorpius. They moved to the unscathed Albus, and they rested on him. He seemed to get the gist of what happened. He shrugged, and walked out.

“Wow, you’ve got a bit to answer for,” Ben muttered to Scorpius.

“Excuse me, I didn’t insult his dad, he did,” Scorpius argued angrily.

“You started it,” Ben shrugged.

“No, Ben, not our call,” Carl disagreed. “Scorps was angry we stepped in when we did.”

“It’s SCORPIUS!” Scorpius said angrily.

“Calm down, you seem bad tempered,” Ben said observantly of Scorpius.

“I don’t like you,” Scorpius said angrily through gritted teeth. “I had him in the palm of my hand. What’d you get involved for, huh?”

“He had too much to eat,” Albus excused, and took an angry and reluctant Scorpius by the arm out of the room. “We’ll be going. Sorry for the mess. See ya. Merlin, how embarrassing,” he said to Scorpius as they got out. “You seem to be getting into so many problems this year, Scorps- Scorpius, sorry, Scorpius,” he recovered at the sight of Scorpius’ face.”

Scorpius went red at the continuous use of his nickname. Perhaps it was a mark of their friendship, because Scorpius only went red and grunted, “It’s Scorpius!” As a matter of fact, neither Albus nor Scorpius said anything to each other for the remainder of the time before the feast. The Halloween feast arrived, and still Scorpius didn’t talk to anybody. Scorpius gave Riley a hard look all dinner, and even gave Albus the cold shoulder when he tried commenting on how good the food was.

Wondering if Scorpius would be better tempered the next day, a throat-clearing cough sounded from behind. Carl, Ben, and Adam were standing there. Albus had a hunch what this was about, and decided to keep quiet.

Adam was the first to speak in a quick, yet short language of Arabic Albus couldn’t comprehend.

Scorpius was only more puzzled, and now was not the time for Scorpius to be puzzled. Carl translated on cue, “He is apologizing for coming at your father. He was in a quick mood, and didn’t know what he was saying.”

“Great,” Scorpius shrugged.


Scorpius didn’t answer. He continued eating his pumpkin pasty. Carl cleared his throat again, and Albus nudged Scorpius with his elbow. Scorpius sighed in impatience, and turned around as if it was too much bother to do just that, “I’m sorry for calling you a jerk, happy now?”

“Your friend wants to cheer up a bit,” Carl said to Albus, glaring at Scorpius.

Albus had other plans though. He could see opportunity glinting at him and he had to seize it. If ever, mistakes could be rectified. It was time to mend the relationship and start from square one.

“You know, Scorpius,” and Albus put his fork down, smirking at Scorpius’ sudden surprise at his full name being used. “I don’t think it’s you,” Albus said. “Adam might have just been sticking up for you and misunderstood your intentions with Riley. The dynamics of our dormitory are different now anyhow. Can’t you just make a bit of peace? Make life easier.”

“I didn’t ask you to let him in the dormitory,” Scorpius grumbled. “Heard of dormitory consensus before making a decision like that, Al?” Scorpius challenged.

Albus knew Scorpius would challenge him on this eventually but he did not know that Harry asked Albus to take one in. He had an excuse ready. “I had my reasons for bringing him and it doesn’t involve you or Riley. Still, in case the both of you don’t notice, you’re giving British wizards a bad name to someone who belongs in Britain anyhow. We’re looking like idiots. You know Mark’s taking enjoyment out of this, right?”

Scorpius looked around at Albus, face unreadable. Albus was himself surprised at his new mediation role. But who else could take it? He sighed, and took another pasty even though he wasn’t finished with his old one. He turned to Adam, “Here, have a pumpkin pasty.”

Adam took it, examined it as if checking for poison, sniffed it, and then nodded, “Shookran.”

“Thank you,” Carl translated.

“I established that,” Scorpius said.

“Sit with us, Adam,” Albus offered.

Adam obliged, and to their surprise, so did Carl and Ben. Ben looked around, and pointed to the Ravenclaw table, “So, that table there is full of nerds. What about this one? Is this where all the cool guys sit?”

“Depends on your definition of cool,” Carl responded. “This table is pure evil.”

“Yeah, I kind of established that much for myself,” Ben muttered, noticing a dark look from Malcolm.


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