Chapter 3 Hurricane Ginny

The Hogwarts Hurricane

Chapter 3: Hurricane Ginny

Albus had hoped that Ginny would only yell at him for five minutes, ground him, and send him off. But she had no intention of blowing off. She savored her anger and her yelling by asking calmly first for about fifteen minutes! Most only got mad. Ginny took after her mother. She despised Knockturn Alley for its cursed objects and gruesome books.

Harry despised it like her, especially because of its influence on young children who were fascinated by the Dark arts like Albus was. He detested the Dark arts in all forms, and held no fascination toward the study of them. Harry arrived with Lily minutes after Ginny did. He was red-faced, showing that he probably did some yelling. Albus hoped he didn’t yell at the Malfoy’s too much.

But would he even be the same with Scorpius after this? He remembered a brief time last year when he and Scorpius had several minor fallouts, and a major one concerning pride and prejudiced. Would this mean a major fallout, or would their relationship remain unscathed. Albus sometimes feared that Scorpius was not the friend for him, except in childhood. But most of the time, he managed to convince himself that that was only Mark talking.

Now, Albus had to deal with his mother. She could be scary when angry. The angriest she had ever been was when James had tried pranking a five year-old Albus into holding a blanket, only to find out it was transfigured into what Albus termed a man-eating cloth monster, even though it only strangled him. Ginny was furious, and yelled herself dead for about five hours. Even after a week, she would yell at James randomly. Since then, Albus held a mortal fear of cloth. Since he couldn’t sleep without it though, Harry and Uncle Ron had to help him get over the phobia. It took a trip to Hogwarts, and ultimately St. Mungo’s. Albus recovered, but he could get nervous if reminiscing about that time while sleeping, and dreams have been known to scare him.

Ginny was like a Hurricane when angry. She started calm at first, but gradually got angrier and angrier until she’d start yelling. Then, even Harry was powerless against her.

“Why did you go?” Ginny demanded. She started out calmly, but Albus could tell that she would gradually start yelling.

“Scorpius told you,” Albus mumbled.

“How did he make you?” she asked, raising her voice a fraction. “Did he duel you? Did he drag you? Did he call you daddy’s boy? What happened? Answer me, Albus Potter!”

“I didn’t want to be left out, and he’s my best friend,” Albus said defensively. As defensive as he tried to sound, Albus was falling apart under her pressure.

“That’s PEER Pressure!” Ginny fired. “And you know better than to”-

“Mum, all I did was go in,” Albus pleaded, trying desperately to quell the situation before it got out of hand. “I was only accompanying them. I didn’t buy anything. I didn’t see anything. I swear.” For a while, it seemed the hurricane might once more be avoided, like last Christmas. Pushing his luck and sensing safety, Albus continued. “We only went because Scorpius wanted a cone, and we made only one stop… and it was a bookshop.”

Too much said. Attempt to quell… failed.

“That’s the worse!” Ginny said, her voice higher and higher with every syllable uttered. “Books of the Dark arts. I’d rather you saw a cursed object. What did you find out? Tell me the truth.”

It was like an interrogation minus the torture; for now at least. Ginny was known to send a Bat-Bogey hex as punishment to James on a number of occasions. James got used to it recently, but Albus was yet to learn a counter curse.

Albus learned his lesson in lying to his mother. It was impossible. It couldn’t be done. He gulped. “Well, just a spell really, something about a Horcrux, and”-

This time, it wasn’t Ginny who jumped, but Harry. Ginny just froze. She looked at Harry with wide eyes, and Harry glared at Albus. He never looked that way at Albus before. This made Albus even angrier at Scorpius. Why did he have to use psychological force to get Albus to follow?

“What?” Harry whispered. He turned around at Albus. James arrived with Teddy, but Teddy looked away, and when Harry so much as uttered an angry tone, Teddy muttered an excuse about checking up on Victorie, and left.

“I’ll go with you,” James said hurriedly. “Haven’t seen her in ages.”

He left next. At least James left. Mark decided to amuse himself. He feigned going upstairs, but Albus knew Mark was listening. Why wouldn’t he? “HORCRUX!”

“That was too far!” Ginny said angrily.

Harry opened his mouth to yell, but Ginny yelled over him, “It’s one thing you go into a bookshop! YOU ACTUALLY OPEN A BOOK? I AM DISGUSTED! I FORBID YOU FROM HOGWARTS! NO MORE SCORPIUS! NO”-

“Whoa, Ginny, forbidding him from Hogwarts isn’t a good idea,” Harry said honestly.


“You’re grounded, Al,” Harry said calmly. “Go upstairs. Don’t let me see you down here for the rest of the day. I’m very disappointed in you. I thought you were better than that.”

Albus made to get up, but Ginny wasn’t done. Far from it in fact. “NO!” Ginny yelled. “GET BACK HERE! I AM DISGUSTED WITH YOU! HOW COULD YOU GO INTO KNOCKTURN ALLEY WHEN YOU KNOW FULL WELL WE DON’T LIKE THAT PLACE.”

Albus was close to tears. He gulped them down, and tried speaking, “Mum, I”-


Albus opened his mouth to respond meekly, or rather beg, but Ginny wouldn’t hear it. Through her unyielding anger, she fired a Bat-bogey Hex at Albus, who yelled in fear as his nose started acting up. Bats made up of boogers and other nose fluids formed and started attacking Albus.

The hurricane frightened even Mark, who retreated into his half of the room as the bangs went off, and doors slammed, meaning Albus was locked in with her and her spells. Mark shut the door, throwing himself against it as if fighting strong winds outside. He could still hear the yelling. This was his first summer, and already his foster mum placed the fear of God in Mark. Fifteen minutes later, Ginny was still screaming. Honestly, Mark thought. If she wasn’t a trained yeller, she’d be hoarse by now. Her voice would be dead for a week.


Albus, grateful, ran upstairs before his mother could have a sudden change of heart, and call him back for more yelling. He walked into the room where Mark was unconvincingly reading a book. Albus threw himself on his bed, and stared up at the ceiling.

Things were quiet at first. He thought he could hear Ginny crying, but he didn’t go outside to listen. Mark sighed, and put the book down, “You got an owl.”

Hi Al,

I got your message, but I wasn’t sure if you were in the mood for me or not. I just wanted to say I’m very, very sorry for any trouble I may have caused. Mum was kind of disappointed in me, but dad went mad over my having an ice cream, (still the taste of the ice cream was worth it. I wasn’t punished too much.) Your dad gave it to us hard before leaving. I didn’t tell him anything, but he was right. I was a real idiot. I’m sorry, and if you forgive me, please let me know. I don’t wanna go to bed tonight without knowing if you’re in a bad mood or not. Tell me what happened at least. With the letter is what you may call a desperate bribe, but here’s a family photo of the Malfoy’s. You can put it in your album.

Tell your dad I said hi. See ya,


Albus gave a sad smile at the photo attached. Scorpius was in a tight arm-in-arm with his dad, with his mother’s head on Draco’s shoulders. He stuck it in his album beside the picture of Albus and his family.

“What the bloody hell?” Mark demanded as Albus placed the album gently on his bed, still open on the page he left it. “Slytherin is one house, but Knockturn Alley”-

“Shut it,” Albus interrupted.

“You should read this letter!” Mark said happily, waving another one up.

Albus went red, and he stared angrily, “Have you been reading my letters?”

Mark held an evil grin, quite like James’ and he stared defiantly, “Wanna tell mummy and daddy? Of course, if you don’t, I might be willing to forget what Walter has to say. Thank Merlin for you he’s my friend, or I mightn’t be so merciful.” Albus took the letter curiously, and opened it, but then Mark laughed, and said, “Read it aloud! I wanna hear it with my own ears. It’ll sound better.”


“It’s music to my ears. Sing for me, Al!” Mark said in an almost flamboyant way, clapping like a happy-girl, listening elatedly.

“Shut it!” Albus said angrily, going redder. “I’m reading it myself!”

“Oh, ok! Um, MR. POTTER!” Mark called, running up to the door and throwing it open.

“What a bully!” Albus yelled. “I have a good mind to encourage James to stay in your dorm at Hogwarts. Teach you a lesson!”

Harry came up, eyes on them both, expectant of a new confrontation. Taken by surprise and shock, Albus didn’t resist Mark running to his side and snatching the letter. Laughing, he leapt on his bed, and started reading, Harry and a new arrival, Ginny listening in, and so, Albus realized, was James. Mark was so going to get it when this was over.

But depending on what the letter said, a continuation of Hurricane Ginny was looming.

Hi Al,

Make sure you read this alone.

Scorpius told me you went into Knockturn Alley when we met at Diagon! I dunno about you, but that was bloody brilliant! Malcolm is so proud of you, and father actually wants to meet you. You don’t have a bad reputation in the Mold home anymore. You’re welcome any time if you wanna run away. No, I’m just kidding. Your parents aren’t mad, are they?

Seriously though, if you’re upset, don’t be. First time for everything, and it IS your first offense. I know some people don’t like Knockturn, and I can understand why, but still… it’s only study, not practice. Big deal.

Tell me how it went. I’m dying to hear. Malcolm wants me to tell you he’s willing to forgive and forget and turn a new leaf with you too. Father would also like to officially invite you to our house this summer.

Your friend,

-Walter Mold-

It happened immediately. Mark screeched in laughter as Ginny swooped down and tore the letter from Mark’s hands before burning it with a spell. She spun around and glared at Albus in a deathly way, and yelled, “You are so NOT GOING TO THEIR HOUSE! EVER!”

Close to tears, and thinking Mark was being a real snake, Albus jumped up to argue, “In case you didn’t know, Mark is friends with him too and I HATE Malcolm!”

“He helped me with my parents’ death!” Mark justified.

“I don’t like your attitude Mark,” James said quietly, not meeting anyone’s eye, but giving Albus a sure rush of affection to his older brother.

“Shut it, James!” Mark said angrily going red.

“Maybe you need another year!” James emphasized.

“You’d do well in Slytherin, you’re such a snake!” Albus seethed.

Almost playfully, but to Albus it was annoying, Mark bit his teeth at Albus in midair, and laughed as Albus gave a rude hand gesture. It provoked more yelling from Ginny to Albus; however, with Albus covering himself with the blanket to hide as Ginny said angrily, “If you’re planning on running way, Al, it’s not looking too good! You’re stuck here till you’re fifty!”

If provoking Albus to tears was Mark’s goal, he succeeded. Even James, though in disagreement of him dealing with Dark Magic, thought it was rebellious going into Knockturn Alley. James had taken the good will to tell his mum and dad on Albus’ behalf that he was sure Albus didn’t like Malcolm, because they fought last year, and Scorpius’ cat Ursa scratched him. There were bad feelings between them. At least James was a little easy, and remained angry at Mark for the summer for being so cruel.

Albus was crying well into the afternoon, Ginny coming up at random parts of the day to yell some more, Mark staring with his arms folded, thinking quietly. He had been tough and hard, but some would argue Albus deserved it. Some, namely the twins, would applaud Mark for what he did.

It wasn’t until the evening when Albus replied to Scorpius’ letter, full of sorrow, eyes red from crying, angry at Scorpius now for causing all this mayhem, and Mark out of the room for dinner, (Albus was told to stay in there, and James would bring some up later).

Hi Scorps,

I am very angry. I never saw my dad like that before and my mum waged a hurricane. I was nearly forbidden from Hogwarts, but dad thought it was going too far. I suppose I am upset, because Mark read Walter’s letter, saying how awesome the trip was, to me, and in front of my parents. Such a bastard, even James attacked him. I knew I shouldn’t have gone into Knockturn with you.

Albus knew Scorpius would feel more guilty, and lie awake at night. Then, Albus looked over at the album that was left open, and he saw the photo Scorpius had given him in desperation to keep him as a friend. He also remembered that this was all really Mark’s fault, not Scorpius’. Mark had done this. In all honesty, had Albus gone in and out and admitted privately to Harry about the trip, nothing bad would have happened. Deciding to give a little mercy for at least trying to repair the damage, Albus added:

It’s Mark’s fault though. I accept the apology, and thanks for the photo. If you’re wondering, I’m still your friend, I’m just angry. I’ll get over it. Tell your parents I said hi, and I’ll see you later.


As Albus set Archimedes on his trip, a knock on the door sounded. Albus sat himself on the bed again and answered for the knocker to come on in. The knocker was of course James. Albus’ older brother handed Albus a chicken sandwich and some mashed peas on the side. Albus got down on the floor to eat them and James sat across from him.

Albus noticed James didn’t leave like would be usual. He remained where he was, watching Albus eat for a while and then saying, “If it makes you feel better, Mark isn’t getting off easy.”

“I’m sorry, that I went into Knockturn Alley,” Albus mumbled. It was half true really. He was sorry. But he was more sorry that he was caught in the first place.

Then, James grinned widely and laughed, “Don’t be, it was brilliant. You know if you took pictures, countless kids in my year would pay for them. I’m only sorry that Mark was so mean. I mean, I’m sure mum would’ve gotten over it right? It wasn’t like that- that cloth incident.”

Albus shook his head miserably, and refuted James’ words, “Not the way she acted. You should’ve seen her. I think it broke a record actually.”

Albus sounded so miserable and so genuinely convinced Ginny was truly very angry that James considered him, and then reached out gave his younger brother a hug. Albus accepted it reluctantly, screwing his face up against the tears he tried to hold back. “I hate Mark.”

“And you asked me why I tortured him,” James recalled humorously, separating himself from his brother again. “Mark’s arrogant. He thinks he’s so cool. He holds a grudge too. You know he’s being a snake because you beat him last year. He feels like he needs revenge. And if I left him alone, he’d probably go after me too. He needs to be put in his place. I’m doing it by roughing his record up a bit. You do it by pissing him off and who knows, maybe he’ll be a bit more modest around company.”

James sounded hopeful, almost like he had something in mind. But as far as Albus was concerned, Mark was far from that stage. There was no mistaking it. Whatever happened last year, this year Mark hated him.


“Why do you do that, Mark?” Harry asked calmly over the table on which Albus was absent. “Torture your brother like that?”

“Brother?” Mark spat. “I hardly consider him a brother.”

“Who cares if Al went into Knockturn Alley?” little Lily asked. “What’s the big deal?”

Before Harry could answer, Mark responded to Harry’s question with something that shocked Harry greatly and sent a wave of dejavu through him. “It’s more to do with that fact that he exists, Lils.”

Harry opened his mouth in shock, a sudden memory of his own father’s remark at another Lily of another time. Mark was unaware of who he had reminded Harry of but he did catch the shock and quieted down. “I’m sorry, Mr. Potter. I know he’s your… never mind. Can I just hate him in peace?”

“Hate him in peace?” Harry repeated. “You know what, Mark. One of these days, Al is gonna end up saving your life or something. Maybe vice versa. What you two remind me of… we’ll just say that the names I gave Al could not have been better.”

“Save my life?”

“He might be in Slytherin, but he’s still a Gryffindor,” Harry shrugged.

“Great, I rest my case,” Mark said half happily and half sarcastically but with a trace of bitterness in his voice, he added, “Why not step aside then, and allow me to make my moves and pretty soon, he really will be in Gryffindor.”


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