Albus Potter and the Secret of the Forest

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Quidditch World Cup

Chapter 2 The Malfoy Manor

Chapter 3 The Wedding

Chapter 3 Hogwarts Return

Chapter 5 Muggle Studies

Chapter 6 Tryouts

Chapter 7 Divination

Chapter 8 A Day at Hagrid’s

Chapter 9 Late Night

Chapter 10 The Halloween Adventure

Chapter 11 A Fierce Rival

Chapter 12 A Weekend Off

Chapter 13 The First Attempt

Chapter 14 Detention with Hagrid

Chapter 15 Through the Fire

Chapter 16 A Little Advice

Chapter 17 A Loud Christmas

Chapter 18 Quidditch Argument

Chapter 19 Stories From a Weasley

Chapter 20 The Second Attempt

Chapter 21 A Bad Seed

Chapter 22 Trial Sorting

Chapter 23 A Slytherin in Gryffindor

Chapter 24 The Gryffindor Dormitory

Chapter 25 Their Greatest Fear

Chapter 26 The Mending

Chapter 27 Alexis’ Judgment

Chapter 28 Meeting in Room 100

Chapter 29 Alexis Ackerly

Chapter 30 The Forbidden Forest

Chapter 31 A Bloody Nest

Chapter 32 Through the Forest

Chapter 33 The Secret of the Forest

Chapter 34 Nuts

Chapter 35 Truth


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